P.T. Demo Has Been Remade in the Unreal Engine

The Official Demo Had Been Pulled From the PlayStation Store Years Ago

A developer has recently launched their own remake of the P.T. (or “Playable Teaser”) demo for the cancelled horror game Silent Hills.

The remake was made with Unreal Engine 4 and its developer, Reddit user Qismar, claims that it’s “as accurate to the original game gameplay-wise and graphics-wise as I could possibly make it.”

Screenshot from the original P.T.

According to the remake’s GameJolt page, it’s still an early access game and Qismar is currently requesting feedback in order to further improve the project.

“The game is 100% playable in this version but it’s missing animations,” Qismar explained in the remake’s description. “They’re essentially the last things I need in order to finish this make into v1.0 (apart from a few things here and there, but they’ll be easy to do). Based on the pace I’m going right now, the game will probably be done by 10 days tops.”

Despite violating the rules, a mod on the Silent Hill subreddit decided to not remove Qismar’s Reddit post since “at this point, who cares?” “Fuck Konami. I’m going to sticky this,” the mod said.

The original P.T. demo was removed from the PlayStation Store on April 29, 2015 after it was revealed that Silent Hills was cancelled a few days earlier. However, a method was discovered later that year which allowed PS4 owners to download the demo.