Legends of Runeterra Getting Competitive

Seasonal Tournaments Coming to Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games released Legends of Runeterra in early 2020 to little fanfare, but they’re continuing to grow the free-to-play TCG. In an effort to stimulate interest in the game, Riot Games is adding a new event, competitive tournaments, and a consistent dev cycle for the game. The first seasonal Legends of Runeterra tournament will kick off on December 6th, while the Monuments of Power season begins on October 14th. Legends of Runeterra is available for free right now on iOS, Android and PC.

According to Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra tournaments will be run entirely within the Legends of Runeterra client and will bring together over 1,000 of Legends of Runeterra’s best players, per region. These players will be selected from among the top players on the leaderboards, but fans of the TCG who want to qualify without dedicating three months to maintain a spot on the leaderboards can also join the Last Chance Gauntlet event on December 4th.

Assuming the development cycle continues to go according to plan with Riot Games, Legends of Runeterra will continue to hold these events and tournaments every three months. Each three-month season will start with the release of a new expansion, feature new card releases every month, and then end with two weeks of competitive tournaments. This support for Legends of Runeterra shows that Riot Games is invested in the mobile and PC TCG they’ve lovingly crafted.

“Seasonal tournaments are, you guessed it, tournaments that happen at the end of each season,” said Jeff Jew. “They’re designed to be the apex of competition in Legends of Runeterra exclusively for the best of the best and it runs fully in-game.”

“Over 100 players in each global region will be able to compete but to qualify, you’ll need to either be one of the top-ranked players on your server or one of the first players to complete the Final Chance Gauntlet, which takes into account your performance in previous gauntlets throughout the season,” said Andrew Yip.

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