Pokemon TCG CardDex Launched For Mobile

Gotta Track Em All!

We’ve all wished for a real life Pokedex, and Pokemon Go sort of fills that request. For players of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, they’re now able to grab the CardDex – which is exactly what it sounds like.

The CardDex, which launched worldwide today, February 8th, is available for both Apple and Android Devices. The app boasts a growing catalogue of legacy, current and new sets in the Pokemon TCG.

Players will be able to search the database by queries such as Card Name, Type, Hit Points, and other stats to make deck building a snap! The app also has a “state of the art” scanning feature – use your device’s camera to scan in your cards to add to your digital inventory and watch your collection grow. This will also help you track your cards so you can figure out what you have and what coveted cards you still need.

Personally, I think this is a great idea – long gone will be the days of keeping track of what is where using a spreadsheet. I stopped playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game a little while ago, much to the pleasure of my wallet.  Every now and then though I see one card that I covet and usually end up picking up the singles – the CardDex is going to browsing for those cards a heck of a lot easier (oh no, I can hear my wallet weeping from inside my purse).

Do you play the Pokemon Trading Card Game? What is your current deck set up? Before I stopped I was running LurantisGX/Tsareena – I stopped before they put out Tsareena GX, which I sort of regret, but they also banned Forrest of Giant Plants, which my whole strategy hinged on anyway.