Godfall Won’t Force Content on Players

Godfall Will Be the “Tinkerers Dream”

During a recent interview, Counterplay Games senior technical producer Richard Heyne discussed the complexity of their upcoming game, Godfall. Godfall will apparently be the “Tinkerers dream,” while not forcing content on players. Gamers will be able to play the content that they want in Godfall rather than follow a specific path set by Counterplay Games that may include content they don’t enjoy. Godfall is among the PS5 launch lineup, releasing on November 12th for the next-gen console and the Epic Games Store the same day.


“One of our core philosophies will always be the tinkerer’s dream. If there’s the appetite for that, for the player to continue experimenting, we want to just make sure that the playground’s open and you’re ready to play,” said Richard Heyne. “We didn’t want to force players too heavily to do activities that they didn’t enjoy to unlock the content that they want. So to obtain certain crafting materials for certain Valorplates, you’ll have to go to the Water Realm. There will be crafting ingredients you can only find if you’re in the Water Realm.”

“But, you can go into the Water realm during your campaign missions. You’ll naturally be brought there. You’ll be in the Water realm for hunt missions,” continued Richard Heyne. “There will be endgame content that takes place in the Water Realm. There will be co-op opportunities in the Water Realm. So you’re not being told, ‘Hey, you have to go do this side mission to unlock Mesa the Valorplate.’ You should be able to probably get enough crafting materials for a handful of those throughout the campaign itself… you should have a list of activities to pick from, be able to choose what you want, and to fill out those last pieces of your armory without feeling slowed down.

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