Godfall Reveals “Ascended Edition”, Preorder Bonuses, and More

New Trailer Released Today

With Godfall releasing just around the corner this holiday season, Gearbox put out another trailer today. Keeping the momentum going, they also had a press release giving us all the information about the different editions, prices, and pre-order bonuses.

Godfall creative director

The standard edition is coming in at the regular $59.99 USD, with Delux Edition at $79.99 and the “Ascended Edition” being priced at $89.99. The Delux Edition will just include the base game and the first expansion coming out later. With the Ascended Edition, you will be getting the Gold Valorplate Skins, Red/Orange Vertigo Skins (depending on buying the Epic/PS5 edition), gold weapon pack, gold shield, gold royal banner, and the Zodiac Knight lobby title.

By Preordering the game, you will be getting Zer0’s sword from Borderlands, cosmetic skins, and starter pack items to help you with the first missions.

Are you thinking of preordering Godfall? Do you think it’s worth it? Check out more trailers here.