Godfall Drops Cinematic Intro

Brother Against Brother

We’ve already talked about the reasons you should be excited for Godfall, the upcoming action RPG. From the combat system to the unique setting, and the game’s doing a good job at keeping our interest, and the latest drop is the game’s cinematic intro which, frankly, looks gorgeous.

The video doesn’t tell us much that we don’t already know about the storyline, but it does help to flesh out the storyline. The game’s villain, Macros, is a god-like being who has taken control of the world and wiped out the majority of the Valorian Knights, of which the player character is a member and, unfortunately, one of the only survivors. The video does hint at a civil war storyline, turning the knights against one another, likely to crush the enemies. The narrator of the trailer – and presumably the player character – is left for dead after duelling Macros, and has to fight his way up for a fateful rematch.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely the game will look quite as good in gameplay as it does during pre-rendered cutscenes, but it does show off the potential of the PS5 beautifully, as well as showing us some of the environments we’ll likely traverse in our quest to take down Macros. Given the extremely flexible battle system and the fact that, as a launch title, Counterplay are likely doing their best to start the new generation off on a strong foot, the fact that they’ve invested so much in the intro alone should give us a good idea that the game will not only tell a unique story and (hopefully) be fun to play, but will also look fantastic.

Godfall creative director

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