Gran Turismo 7 Is the Most Advanced Racing Game Yet

The Gran Turismo Series Has a Reputation for Looking Great

The series has routinely pushed the limits of what racing games can look like, and Gran Turismo 7 will take advantage of the full power of the PS5 to make sure that it’s the most technically advanced and visually stunning entry in the series so far – and possibly the most beautiful racing game so far, as well.

First of all, Gran Turismo 7 will render with ray tracing and support 4k resolution and HDR. The game is also aiming for a 60 fps frame rate, and will take advantage of the speed to not only scroll through the cars instantly, but make it faster than ever to gather your friends in a lobby and load into races.

The game is also going to take advantage of the full power of the PS5 controller, with the adaptive triggers not only letting you feel the difference between brake pedal weight, but feel the differences in different cars.

Gran Turismo 7 will also utilize the haptic feedback of the PS5 controller to let you feel not only the road beneath your wheels, but individual bumps and potholes in the road.

Finally, the game will utilize the PS5’s 3D audio so you can hear the position of the drivers around you, letting you pre-empt an attempt to overtake you by letting you know when you might need to speed up or when you can afford to slow down on a tight corner.

While it’s nice to see more games taking full advantage of the PS5’s features, it’s worth keeping in mind that games later in a console’s life-cycle often tend to take advantage of new features less and less, especially since they can complicate cross-platform releases. Still, the technology is there, and it’d be unusual for Gran Turismo not to take advantage of such impressive features in future releases.

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