Genshin Impact Removes Aspects of Anti-Cheat System

Addressing Fans Big Concerns

Genshin Impact released earlier this week (albeit a day earlier than we initially reported) and it’s drawn great reviews, especially given its free to play business model. Sure, the microtransactions might be a dealbreaker for a lot of people, but these are optional – you can earn crystals used to unlock random characters or items during gameplay, either by completing daily tasks or by finding them in the environment, so while you might be tempted to purchase crystals on your quest to get more powerful, it’s not a necessity.

One thing that has drawn significant criticism is the game’s anti-cheating mechanic, which continues to run in the background of the PC version even after shutting down – or uninstalling the game altogether.

The studio stated that the program would keep runningĀ “to prevent the use of certain external plug-ins that operate when the game is closed; this is to help protect the fairness of Genshin Impact for all players.”

Given that there’s a multiplayer component to the game, and there’s such a large focus on random chance, ensuring fairness is a big deal – while cheating in a single-player game can be seen as a victimless crime, introducing a multiplayer component means that one person is working with a distinct advantage, but fans were concerned with both the performance issues this caused and the possible privacy issues caused.

While the system isn’t being removed entirely to prevent some players getting an unfair advantage, it will now end operations as soon as the game is closed or uninstalled. While the original intent was to prevent certain external plug-in’s from running while the game was closed, this feature is being removed, and the system will instead double down on fighting cheats while the game is still active, so hopefully things will break even, ensuring the fair treatment of all players while fighting privacy and performance concerns.

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