New Godfall Video Teases Combat System

Carnage Candy

Godfall looks to be one of the first great games of the next generation. The new IP puts you in the shoes of a Valorian Knight, one of the last of an exalted Knight’s Order, working to avoid the apocalypse in a high fantasy setting. The action-RPG is described as a loot slasher- taking inspiration from loot shooters like Destiny but with a focus on melee combat.


During August’s State of Play, the developers went into more detail on the combat system. There are five weapon classes to choose from- dual blades, longsword, polearms, warhammers, and greatswords. Additionally, you’ll get a shield that can be used at any time, regardless of which weapon you use.

The gameplay video below particularly shows off the dual blades, longsword, and shield, showcasing the different playstyles each weapon specializes in as well as the defensive (and offensive) properties of the shield.

The combat looks clean and well-designed, with a focus on agility and taking down multiple enemies at once, with the aim of making you feel like you’re in control of the encounter. Additionally, each weapon is best for taking down another class of enemy- for example, the dual blades are better for squishier enemies or single enemies. The longsword, however, is more balanced and versatile, and unlike what we’ve seen of the dual blades has built-in combo mechanics with the shield, allowing you to uppercut an enemy after a successful attack.

Another feature touched upon in the video is that different weapons within a weapon class will have different attributes. While we don’t know the finer details of this, it’s a given that different weapons will have different stats, so it’s possible that they’ll have different tricks up their sleeve, like melee bonuses based on different criteria. The same can be said for valor plates, pieces of armor that give you godlike power.

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