August State of Play Reveals Huge Hitman News

Hitman 3 Will Have First-Person Virtual Reality

During Sony’s August State of Play, the company showed off more of IO Interactive’s new game, Hitman 3. At the start of the gameplay video, viewers were shown how the game will look from the series’ traditional third-person perspective. As Agent 47 walked forward into the crowded, however, the camera switched to a first to a first-person view. At the end of the trailer, the company revealed that the game will have VR support.

Hitman 3

Along with the announcement of Virtual Reality support for Hitman 3, the company announced players will be able to “play the entire world of assassination trilogy in VR.” While the game will be available on PC and Xbox, it was not confirmed if either version will also have VR support.

Since IO Interactive softly rebooted the franchise 2016, the games have taken an episodic sandbox approach to the franchise. While the last two games in the Hitman series were not massive moneymakers, the tittles were appreciated by critics. With the teaser shown off today, it looks like IO Interactive’s upcoming game will be a game to look forward to. IO Interactive’s third entry in the Hitman series was not given a release date, but the end of the trailer reassured fans that the final game in the series will launch sometime in January 2021.