Genshin Impact Fixes Resin System… Kind Of

Genshin Impact Fans Divided on Resin Changes

Developers at miHoYo have officially changed the Resin system in Genshin Impact, leading some members of the community to higher levels and others to frustration. The latest Resin changes in update 1.1 have increased the Resin cap, while reducing Resin requirements for the weeky battle pass. These changes will benefit new players tremendously but a lot of the veteran players have voiced their displeasure with the changes. Genshin Impact is available right now for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

Genshin Impact has blown up in popularity recently and the recent Resin changes with update 1.1 will help the new players adjust to the gameplay. The original Resin requirement to complete the weekly battle pass challenge used to be 1600, but with the recent changes, it has been reduced to 1200. Genshin Impact fans will also be able to horde more Resin with the recent changes, increasing from 120 to 160. These changes have benefited new players, but a lot of the veterans are upset at the impact it’s making on the end game.

Resin in Genshin Impact continues to have a slow regeneration rate, but players who accumulate a lot of it can carry more with update 1.1. Despite the big changes, the requirement to complete various activities hasn’t changed, which is why a lot of veterans are annoyed. One veteran took to Twitter to explain, “40 more Resin just means two more domains or one extra boss a day which can be done in under ten minutes.” While it may be an inconvenience for top tier players, we like that miHoYo has made Genshin Impact a little more noob friendly.

Are you happy miHoYo has altered the Resin system in Genshin Impact or did you prefer the old system? Let us know in the comments below!