Godfall Will Always Require Online Connection, Even For Singleplayer

That Really Sucks For a $70 Game

A couple of days ago, the long-awaited Godfall became available for pre-purchase on the PlayStation Store, which updated its store listing information. The biggest thing that people seemed to have missed is that now it has the “Online Play Required” tag, which means that the game requires a constant online connection to run, even when playing singleplayer.

Godfall creative director

This was then confirmed on Twitter by the official Godfall tweeter, as you can see below:

I don’t understand their need for this game to always require an online-connection, especially it being a fully-priced title that will cost $70 USD. And that’s right, it’s not only that you need a connection, you also need to buy a PS Plus subscription ($10/month)! What the hell?

The fact that they have not revealed the information until called out after the game went on sale is doubly scummy. I feel really bad for people that preordered the game without knowing that they will need to be constantly connected and subscribe to PS Plus.

Well, I was once excited for this game, but I won’t be supporting this type of practice.