Arkane Studios Hiring for Unannounced Project

Arkane Is Hiring for a Lot of Positions

According to a Twitter thread by an account known as MauroNL3, Arkane Studios is hiring for a number of positions for an unannounced project. The listing includes jobs for character animation engineer, engine programmer, systems designer, tools programmer, and several more. Arkane Studios is hiring for multiple locations, including Austin, Texas, and Lyon, France. Arkane Studios is currently working to release Deathloop on next-gen consoles (with PS5 getting early exclusivity), while their parent company ZeniMax was recently acquired by Microsoft.

The Graphic Engineer that Arkane Studios is looking for will need to have Unreal Engine 4 familiarity, so apparently, they’re looking to switch engines for their unannounced project. The senior gameplay engineer role states that someone with network and online features expertise would be a plus but is not required, suggesting that the team is working on a game with online multiplayer. The server engineer Arkane Studios is looking for needs experience in a “Live’ environment (ongoing support of product after launch).” This might mean that the next Arkane Studios game is a live service title.

Considering how many roles Arkane Studios is looking to fill with this unannounced game, it could be very early in development. Microsoft also recently acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company to Arkane Studios, so whatever this unannounced project is will likely release on Xbox and the Game Pass library. Arkane Studios are the brilliant minds behind Dishonoured 2, Prey, and Deathloop so it’s easy to imagine another quality experience whatever this unannounced project is.

What Arkane Studios IP do you think would work well as an online multiplayer/live service game? Let us know in the comments below!