Marvel’s Avengers’ Fixes a Major Bug In the Latest Patch

Making One of the Mightiest Heroes Just a Little Mightier

While it’s playable as a single-person experience, Marvel’s Avengers is designed for co-op play. After all, it’s the Avengers. A film that stars just one of them isn’t going to bear the name, even if they may pop up in each other’s solo movies.

Each Avenger has their own unique skillset in combat, as well as their own weaknesses. The Hulk might be super strong, but the fact that he needs to be angry to use his power can easily make him a liability. Thor is a literal god but – in the comics at least – losing contact with his hammer for a minute turns him into a human. Captain America has super strength, speed, and endurance, but if the game is to believed his weakness is… doors.

Every Avenger has access to one of two types of door; some which can be broken by strong, melee-focused avengers and some that can be hacked by smarter heroes. Due to a glitch, however, Cap – who was supposed to be able to break down the former type of door – was unable to enter either.

Marvel’s Avengers has become notorious for the grinding, with new gear being unlocked through gameplay and often found behind these doors, this means that Captain America had a harder time unlocking new gear during solo play, since AI avengers won’t access doors for you.

Marvel's Avengers

The new patch fixes this issue, letting Cap break down doors, as well as bringing a host of new tweaks, such as fine-tuning ranged combat and reducing the energy cost of spin attacks. Crystal Dynamics are also offering free upgrade materials if you log in before October 1st, so make sure to take advantage.

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