Arkane Studios Job Posting Hints at Development for the Switch

The Studio Has Never Made a Nintendo Game Before

An Arkane Studios job posting for an engine programmer was recently spotted by a ResetEra user and one of the “desired skills” for the job is being knowledgeable about the software development kit (SDK) of the Nintendo Switch along with several other platforms.

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“To expand its programming team and strengthen its internal technology, Arkane Studios is seeking talented Engine Programmers to join us in making ambitious AAA games,” part of the job description read.

Arkane Studios has never made a game for a Nintendo console before so a game of theirs also being available on the Nintendo Switch would be a first for them.

Recently, the studio launched Prey: Mooncrash, a DLC for the 2017 immersive sim Prey. It’s been received pretty well since its release in June but Arkane has never outright confirmed that they’re working on a new Prey game. Last July, another job posting seemed to show that the developer studio was working on an online game of some sort.

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