Deathloop Showed Off, Timed Exclusive to PS5

Deathloop Is a Temporary Exclusive to the PS5

Arkane Studios joined many other developers on the PS5 games showcase to show off their next-gen title, Deathloop. The upcoming timed PS5 exclusive will utilize the PS5’s hardware and DualSense features like haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers. The upcoming Arkane and Bethesda title is being built for the next generation of consoles so it’s unlikely that it will end up on current-gen hardware. Deathloop will release exclusively for the PS5 in 2021,though no date has been confirmed yet. The game will later release for PC and Xbox Series X but Bethesda has yet to confirm how long those fans will have to wait.


Bethesda’s Anne Lewis said that Deathloop was “being developed for a new generation of hardware and will launch on console exclusively for PlayStation 5.” Gamers will explore Blackreef island in Deathloop as Colt who is an assassin who is being chased down at every turn by another assassin, Julianne. The Colt is locked in a death loop akin to Christopher Landon’s directed Happy Death Day. Both assassins have different destinies; Colt will have to assassinate eight targets and survive lots of crazed prisoners in order to escape the island, while Julianne tries to stop him at every turn.

Julianne will be considered the island’s protector in Deathloop, making Colt’s job of defeating the eight targets a lot more difficult than moving from one area to another. The gameplay and art design of Deathloop look similar to the Dishonored and Bioshock series’, but it stands alone as a brand new IP. While Bethesda confirmed that Xbox and PC fans will have to wait a little longer for Deathloop than PlayStation fans, no official length of time has been announced.

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Source: Gaming Bolt