5 Co-op Games Guaranteed to Break up Your Holiday Party

5 Co-Op Games to Get You out of That Dreaded Holiday Party

‘Tis the season for joy and love and spending time with friends and family. Sometimes though, we don’t really *want* to spend all that time with friends and family. After all, we’ve all got that one heavy smoker cousin who keeps sneaking disgusting cigarettes in the bathroom, or the partially senile uncle who keeps asking you for lingering “hugs”.

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It’s always a good idea to have an exit plan; but what if you’re hosting the holiday gathering this year? You could always “accidentally” burn the turkey, or pull the building fire alarm, or you could get rid of those annoying malingering unwanted guests the COGconnected way – with co-op video games!

Just trick your most unwanted guests into playing one of these incredibly fun, but also incredibly rage-inducing games with you and watch the sparks fly. We can almost guarantee that this will lead to them storming out in category 5 hurricane hissyfit levels, while you’re left holding your controller and blinking in “surprise”, looking like an angel.

1) Overcooked 1 / 2 (PC, PS4, XB1, Switch)

Never has a game about cooking burgers and fish and chips been so rage inducing. This innocuous looking 4 player local co-op game will easily draw in your annoying guests. But once you start playing… that’s when the mayhem begins. As you’re chopping veggies and cooking burgers and washing plates and everyone’s getting in everyone’s way, PLUS you’re sliding around on an ice floe and avoiding death, all of a sudden everyone turns into Gordon Ramsay. Once your super uptight cousin with the stick up his butt throws a major fit because you chopped too many tomatoes and not enough lettuce, that party is definitely going to fizzle and burn out like an overcooked burger, and you’re home free.

2) Rocket League (PC, PS4, XB1, Switch, macOS, Linux)

It’s a game about toy cars playing soccer. You collect points and spend them on different cosmetic car types, paint jobs, and even hats. Cars with Hats! How fun! Not so fun when your 11 year old nephew is a savant at the game and scores the 25th goal on Pappy Pervert. Pappy Pervert won’t be squeezing your butt surreptitiously anymore when his face turns red as that hot rod toy car and he storms out of the house cursing your poor innocent nephew!