These 10 Rockstar Goodies Would Make Awesome Christmas Gifts

10 Rockstar Goodies That Would Make Excellent Xmas Gifts

With the season of giving now in full swing, our thoughts turn to our loved ones and finding that perfect gift that reflects our feelings for them. Do you know who else is in a giving mood this holiday season? Rockstar Games. Not only does their online store, the Rockstar Warehouse, feature incredible collections of their legendary games such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, and Bully, but they also feature some rather unique merchandise you might not expect. Sure, much like other companies it’s easy to find t-shirts with logos (and really we ALL love supporting our favorite games) but Rockstar has gone the extra mile with some truly unique gifts that the discerning gamer with a penchant for cowboys and mayhem would simply love to discover under the tree come Christmas morning. Here are 10 Rockstar goodies that would make excellent Xmas Gifts.

10. RDR2 t-shirt in Dynamite Canister

I mentioned t-shirts in the introduction but this is the only shirt you’ll see on this list. Red Dead Redemption 2 was without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated and beloved games when it was released and it will still be talked about for years to come. Not only can you proudly show your support for the game with this slick t-shirt featuring the logo in a sharp, crisp red, but it comes packaged in a cool dynamite canister! It’s the little things that count, and who doesn’t want to open up their presents and see a stick of dynamite?

Rockstar shirt and canister

9. LifeInvader Mouse pad

Art imitates life with this fantastically cheeky reference out of Grand Theft Auto V. LifeInvader was, of course, a huge social media platform in the penultimate entry of the GTA franchise as a wonderful spoof on modern social networks and our reliance upon them as a society. Each of the playable characters in GTA V had a viewable profile on the platform, and it was finer details like this inclusion of an in-game app that helped cement some of the realism the game displays among many other little touches. Bringing home a LifeInvader mouse pad is an equally cheeky nod for the GTA fan in your life with this remarkably high-res pad which also features the companies slogan: Go Dock Yourself.

Rockstar mouse pad

8. RDR2 Glass Candle

No one can ever say that Rockstar won’t go the extra mile for their fans. One of the untapped senses in video game immersion is of course smell, as it would be almost impossible to produce something that would be effective and not overpowering, let alone avoiding allergy concerns and a whole slew of other practical problems. This, however, didn’t stop Rockstar from wanting gamers to truly feel lost in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, and so they have produced what appears at first glance to be a branded candle. What this candle entails, however, is a combination of the following scents as listed on their website: blood orange, incense, amber, rockrose, smoked cedar, sandalwood, violet leaf, and juniper tar-scented black wax. Burning this candle while playing will definitely help you feel more at home with Arthur Morgan and the gang than you might be ready for.

Rockstar candle

7. RDR2 Dynamite Stick USB Charger

Remember how I said who doesn’t want to open their presents and see a stick of dynamite? Well how about one that doubles as a portable USB charger? Considering most USB chargers are already in this cylindrical shape it was pretty easy to take the logical step of turning it into a mock-explosive device from a beloved video game. Granted this might not be the best device to take with you to public events with bag-checks, but it’s sure to make anyone look twice when they see you plug your phone into some dynamite. It looks great, it’s small and functional, and sure to turn a few heads in the process. What’s not to love about it?

Rockstar USB

6. GTAV Pin Set and Badge Bundle

Whether or not your favorite gamer will admit it, we all like buttons and pins. It’s something small, flashy, easy to change, and it lets us show the world what games we love and support. Rockstar didn’t want to simply offer fans of Grand Theft Auto V a few simple pins, no, they once again stepped up to deliver a total of 24 unique pins featuring the GTA V logo, each of the games varied radio stations, and even pins for The Altruists, the Epsilon Program, and of course the Atheist Society Serving Mankind Under Noteworthy Coordinated Humanism… what is the acronym for that again? Even if you don’t wear the pins, seeing them on full display is quite a sight to behold and there is a huge chance the gamer you are looking for would absolutely love this one of a kind set.

Rockstar pins