Apple Makes Game Streaming Technically Possible on iOS

Apple Slowly Opening up to Game Streaming

While Google Stadia and Project xCloud are struggling to find a place on iOS due to App Store policies, Apple has technically made it possible for the services to make it to the platform. For gamers to access their favorite games on Google Stadia or Project xCloud, they have to be listed individually. This catch makes it so that Apple can review each game being added to the game streaming services, but it apparently requires mobile ports of each game that fans can download separately. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate brings the Game Pass lineup to Xbox, PC, and mobile devices for one subscription fee of $15 per month.

xCloud streaming

The recent changes to the App Store policy were made as part of the iOS 14 update and they allow Apple to review each game being added to streaming services such as Project xCloud and Google Stadia individually to make sure they meet certain guidelines. As many fans of these services have brought up in the past, Netflix seems to be held to a higher standard as each movie and TV show doesn’t have to be listed individually on the App Store for Netflix to show it. The App Store policy continues to favor film and TV streaming over game streaming likely due to Apple Arcade not looking for much competition.

Microsoft and Facebook have publicly said in recent months that Appleā€™s rules have restricted what their gaming apps can do on iPhones and iPad, while Epic Games continues to be embroiled in a legal battle with Apple and companies such as Spotify chiming in on their issues with the App Store. These recent App Store changes are a step in the right direction for game streaming through iOS but it’s the smallest step we could’ve expected.

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