Castlevania Soundtracks Added to Spotify

Listen to Your Favourite Castlevania Tracks on Spotify

Konami and the Castlevania Sound Team have brought most of the Castlevania soundtracks to the music subscription service, Spotify. Fans of Castlevania can listen to classics like the Symphony of the Night OST, the Aria of Sorrow OST and much more by simply searching Castlevania on the Spotify app. Although not every OST can be found on Spotify yet, Konami assures fans that they’ll be adding more to the library over time. The Castlevania Anniversary Collection recently brought most of these classic soundtracks with the even more classic gameplay experiences to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC for true fans to dive into.

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“We know how much you all love the soundtracks to our games, so we’ve put them all in one place!” said the official Konami Europe Twitter page. “Introducing the KONAMI Europe Spotify account! Follow us to keep up-to-date as we add new playlists and old favourites, starting with #Castlevania!” While we aren’t sure what to expect from Konami and Spotify next, we’re excited to hear our favorite Castlevania tracks on the subscription service. Because Spotify is available on so many devices, we can easily go from listening to the official soundtracks on our mobile devices to our PC or consoles.

Many new fans of Castlevania have discovered the franchise thanks to the Netflix anime adaptation and the addition of the soundtracks to Spotify is a great way for them to get a feel for the music of the series. We hope that the music from the Netflix series is added to the playlist in turn, combining all of the series’ music in one easily located place. There are no planned Castlevania titles releasing in the near future but the addition of the best music from the series to Spotify will keep us waiting patiently until the next season of the anime.

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Source: Gaming Bolt