Spotify Now Has a Ton of Final Fantasy Music in Its Library

[Plays One-Winged Angel on Repeat]

One of the many great things about the Final Fantasy series is how pleasing it is to the ears. Chances are even if you have not played a lot of the games, there are still a bunch of catchy tunes you know from some of them. Now, they are finally all in one place, most of them at least. A ton of Final Fantasy music is now on Spotify for your listening convenience. You finally have the perfect music for which to fight your boss, I mean boss. Don’t get any bad ideas.

Final Fantasy Music

Just open up Spotify and search “Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack” and boom! Music from all 15 original games as well as the Dissidia and Tactics games. Even soundtracks from the sequels like XIII-2 and spin-offs like Crisis Core are there. While not all the battle themes are that easy to identify while playing the game, at least you can now sort through them and pick out the ones you recognize. What makes that difficult for most people is that pretty much all the titles are in Japanese. Though, finding specific songs might be a time consuming ordeal, if you just want some dope background music, these soundtracks are great.

While most of the soundtracks are available, there are some notable absences. The soundtrack from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is missing; biggest bummer of all time. The Final Fantasy X-2 soundtrack is also missing. Say what you want about the narrative of X-2 and half of the music, the other half of the music is solid. Check out all this Final Fantasy music on Spotify if you want, I know what I’m listening to for the rest of the day.

What are some of your favourite Final Fantasy tracks? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Spotify