How Long Will the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Campaign Be?

Is There a Sweet Spot for Call of Duty Campaigns? 

This years campaign is looking as though it will play a large role in the game. This is a change of pace too. Black Ops 4 chose to ignore that portion entirely last year. Black Ops focused solely on the multiplayer aspects of the game. We know this year will be different, however.

call of duty modern warfare

Taylor Kurosaki, a narrative director at Infinity Ward has said that it is hard to say for certain how long the campaign will be exactly. They are still working on it of course. He went on to comment that there are so many factors that can add or subtract from the total playtime of the game. Things like a change in difficulty, for instance, can make a mission significantly longer than usual. Call of Duty is well known for having a very grueling campaign when it is played on the harder difficulties too.

However, Kurosaki did mention that it should be around the same length as other games in the series. The last three installments in the franchise have taken around seven to eight hours to beat on a standard difficulty. This may not seem all that lengthy, but remember that Call of Duty 4 only had a four-hour campaign, and that title is regarded by many as one of the best in the whole series. Sometimes less is more.

Perhaps going for a shorter campaign could be beneficial. As far as we know the campaign is filled to the brim with excessive violence and disturbing imagery. If the campaign keeps up the pace of what we have seen so far, keeping it short and sweet might stop players from feeling fatigued. Overexposure to these types of things can have the unintended consequence of numbing the experience.