Nier Automata Soundtrack Now On Spotify

All of The Nier Soundtracks, In Fact

Ask anyone, they’ll tell you straight out: The NieR: Automata soundtrack is the best part of that game. Maybe they’ll actually say something about the story, or the graphics. In which case, just ask me. I’LL tell you it’s the best part of the game. And now it’s available to stream on Spotify!

Play Nier Automata Demo automata soundtrack

Yes, the best soundtrack to one of the best games is now available for your listening pleasure. Perfect for getting work done, travelling through a snowy hellscape, or just slowly tempting you into another playthrough of the game. In fact, there are a whole bunch of Nier soundtracks available on Spotify.

For those of you who don’t know, the first NieR game was actually two games, one of which was only released in Japan. NieR Gestalt was released in North America as NieR, while NieR Replicant only came out in Japan. Both soundtracks are available on Spotify. There are also unreleased versions, piano collections, and arrangements available as separate albums. Also, NieR’s tenth anniversary is coming up this April. It would be a great time to do something cool to celebrate the franchise, don’t you think? I for one will be keeping some fingers crossed.