Xbox Game Studios Continues to Expand

Microsoft Isn’t Done Bringing New Studios to Xbox

According to a recent Microsoft SEC filing, Microsoft isn’t done acquiring studios for their Xbox Game Studios. Xbox Game Studios has acquired big development studios such as Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment, and Playground Games, and now they’re looking at even more studios to join their team. Microsoft is looking to expand the Xbox IP roadmap and leverage new content creators in anticipation of next-gen. Xbox Game Studios titles release day one on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which brings the extensive Game Pass lineup to both Xbox One and PC.

Microsoft Games Studios

“Our gaming platform is designed to provide a variety of entertainment through a unique combination of content, community, and cloud,” said the recent Microsoft SEC filing. “Our exclusive game content is created through Xbox Game Studios, a collection of first-party studios creating iconic and differentiated gaming experiences. We continue to invest in new gaming studios and content to expand our IP roadmap and leverage new content creators. These unique gaming experiences are the cornerstone of Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service and gaming community with access to a curated library of over 100 first and third-party console and PC titles.”

The SEC filing was spotted by an eagle-eyed Xbox Insider known as Klobrille and it gives us an idea of what to expect from Microsoft going into next-gen. While Microsoft spent a majority of this generation acquiring new studios, it seems like they aren’t done looking for solid development studios to encompass in the Xbox Game Studios umbrella. The recent Xbox Game Showcase showed Xbox fans that they can continue to expect a variety of gaming experiences from Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X in the near future.

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