Playing Control on Next-Gen Requires Ultimate Edition

Control Ultimate Edition Coming to Next-Gen

Remedy Entertainment recently confirmed an Ultimate Edition for Control that will enhance the visuals and performance for the Xbox Series X and PS5. Gamers still using current-gen consoles can still get the Ultimate Edition and get access to all of the DLC, but if you want to play Control on next-gen, you have to get the Ultimate Edition of the game. Fans who already have the base version of Control won’t be able to play their game on next-gen as the Ultimate Edition is required on the Xbox Series X and PS5. Control is currently available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with the Ultimate Edition releasing on September 10th.

Control New game plus

Control’s Ultimate Edition will have a bit of a scattered release. It will be launching on Steam for PC on August 27th. The Ultimate Edition will then release for the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and PS4 on September 10th. With the Xbox Series X releasing in November, it’s likely that Control’s Ultimate Edition will release around the same time, but currently, it’s only known to be coming later this year. Gamers who purchase the Ultimate Edition of Control on PS4 and Xbox One will receive a free next-gen digital upgrade when they set up their PS5 and Xbox Series X. The free next-gen upgrade is strictly available for Control’s Ultimate Edition

Accompanying the announcement of Control Ultimate Edition, Remedy Entertainment made a juicy 4K trailer for the next-gen version of the game. Control looks stunning on Xbox One and PS4, but this Ultimate Edition will improve the visuals even more for the Xbox Series X and PS5. PC fans won’t have to wait as long as console Control fans for the Ultimate Edition upgrade provided they’re Steam users.

Will you be getting Control Ultimate Edition or did you get your fill of the game on this gen? Let us know in the comments below!