Control Currently Isn’t Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Isn’t Getting Remedy’s Latest Release Just Yet

Update (2:28 PM EST): Remedy tweeted on Thursday that Phil Spencer was “incorrect” when he said that Control was coming to Xbox Game Pass. “We have no news or announcements regarding Xbox Game Pass at this time,” Remedy added. The headline and subheading of this story have both been updated as a result of this new info.

Original Story:

Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced on Monday during an ExtraLife livestream that Control is coming to Xbox Game Pass at some point but he unfortunately didn’t say when.

“I thought Control was really good,” Spencer said in the Twitter video clip posted above. “It didn’t reach enough people, so I’m glad to see it’s coming into Game Pass so hopefully more people will play it, because it’s a game that should be played from our friends at Remedy.”

December’s Xbox Game Pass additions were revealed on Wednesday but didn’t include Control so the game will likely be featured on the subscription service sometime next year.

Xbox Game Pass

Game Pass subscribers have quite the adventure to look forward to if our Control review is anything to go by. “Even with its imperfections,” the review’s author wrote, “the incredible design, storytelling, and gameplay chops on display boil down to this: Control is the best game Remedy has made, and it’s one of the most unique narrative action games out there.”