Control Had ‘Steady Sales’, Says Remedy CEO

Control Didn’t Bomb, According to Remedy

When the mindbending Metroidvania Control wasn’t topping sales charts after its August release, fans were worried that Remedy Entertainment’s latest title had bombed commercially and likely wouldn’t see a sequel as a result.

However, in a recent interview with, Remedy CEO Tero Virtala said that the game had “steady sales” despite not lighting up sales charts.


Virtala told the outlet that since Control was made in three years and had a budget of “less than €30 million” then it didn’t “require the same huge lifetime numbers as many other games with bigger development budgets.”

“Therefore, even though Control didn’t have chart-topping sales right from the get go, we are in a good position with steady sales,” Virtala said. “We always take the long view here.”

He added that most longterm sales of modern games come from digital stores and Remedy’s latest game “continues to sell”.

If you’d like to learn more about Control then read our review, which praised the game’s narrative and level design.

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