Quantum Break Star Joins Cast of Alan Wake 2 in a New Role

Tim(e) Breaker?

Many fans of Remedy Entertainment have seen the connections between their games. Alan Wake 2 references characters and events in Control, Control had Alan Wake DLC, and Quantum Break also references Alan Wake. What is part of the Remedy Connected Universe and what isn’t? The lines are a little blurred.

Yesterday, Sam Lake announced that Shawn Ashmore is playing a character in Alan Wake 2. As you may well know, Shawn Ashmore played Jack Joyce, the main character of Quantum Break, however he will be playing a different character in the new game. At least, that’s what they say.

Alan Wake 2

The main element of Quantum Break is time manipulation. You would think that fits right in with the supernatural in Control and Alan Wake. However, Remedy Entertainment says that the time travel adventure is not connected to those games. Ashmore’s new character is named Tim Breaker. That name almost seems like a cruel tease to Quantum Break. How could this NOT actually be Jack Joyce?

Well, Remedy Entertainment does have a history of using actors in multiple roles across games. Sam Lake has been the face of Max Payne and Alex Casey in the upcoming game. Courtney Hope plays Jesse Faden in Control and Beth Wilder in Quantum Break. James McCaffery plays the voice of Max Payne, Thomas Zane in Alan Wake, and Zachariah Trench in Control.

While it is a little disappointing to see Quantum Break left out of the larger world of Remedy, it is great to see Shawn Ashmore back in the gaming-sphere. And who knows? Maybe this is a big gotcha. Alan Wake 2 will be coming out on October 27th for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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