The PlayStation 5 Has Sold More Than 40 Million Units Worldwide

The PlayStation 5 Has Sold More Than 40 Million Units Worldwide

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that the PlayStation 5 has now hit over forty million in sales worldwide as of the week ending July 16th, 2023. The next-generation console originally released on November 12th, 2020, with direct competition from Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo’s Switch. The console was difficult to obtain due to the pandemic at first, however it appears to be freely accessible now. With a well-stocked supply, it is no surprise that the console’s sales have soared.

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Via a press release, Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, stated, “With the support of PlayStation fans, we have reached a milestone of 40 million PS5 consoles sold through to gamers since launch. Thank you so much to our community of gamers – without you this would have been an impossible task.” Thus far, the console has a great mixture of indie games and blockbuster AAA titles along with incredible titles from partners in the last two months such as Diablo IV, Street Fighter 6 and Final Fantasy XVI.

Moreover, Jim Ryan focused on the array of accessories for the console including the Dualsense Wireless Controller, a range of color schemes, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. By fan vote, the scores of fans chose several titles as their favorites on the platform. These include God of War: Ragnarok, Elden Ring, Demon’s Souls, Returnal and Resident Evil: Village. The PlayStation 5 will continue to strive over the upcoming years as the premiere next-gen console.

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