Orbital Bullet Shooting Onto Switch with Physical Copies

Getting Physical 

Blasting enemies in a complete 360-degree adventure is fun. However, being able to own your own physical copy of the hit arcade roguelike. Today, Assemble Entertainment are happy to announce that their roguelike shooter, Orbital Bullet, will be releasing physical editions for the Nintendo Switch. On sale on August 3rd, the studio will be printing 3000 copies of the game for players to get their hands on. Importantly, a press release provides some details on the game for those unaware of the gameplay. Additionally, a new trailer from Super Rare Games invites players to check out the game and the physical versions. 

Orbital Bullet Feature

Orbital Bullet captures the roguelike formula and places it into a 360-level design. Proceeding through procedurally generated levels, players will take on the tower. Of course, to progress, players will need to take on endless waves of enemies using a vast arsenal of weaponry and upgrades. Additionally, players will be able to use a variety of body modifications, craftable upgrades, and more as they battle their way through the tower. However, dying is to be expected. It’s all a part of the progression of the game. 

Super Rare Games has released a new trailer that allows players to check out the game’s gameplay and art style. Players can get a better look at the game below. 

Orbital Bullet is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, players can also grab the game on PC via Steam. Importantly the physical editions of the game are coming for the Nintendo Switch on August 3rd at 6 PM BST.