The Dizzying TikTok Cosplay of Dessyy

Dessyy’s TikTok Cosplay

We love TikTok cosplay. If you’re a regular around these parts, you’ll know that very well. At the forefront of TikTok cosplay is the adorable Dessyy. Her extensive collection of cosplays along with her incredible talent for transitions makes her an absolute force. Dessyy has a brilliant sense of humour and is not afraid to do some full-on goofy antics – it’s not uncommon for her Shrek cosplay to pop up in some of her sexier videos. If you’re a frequent TikTok user, do yourself a favour and give Dessyy a follow.

Dessyy TikTok Cosplay

Enjoy the videos!


Ayyy get gettin’ ripped tonight 💪 hehe have you ever seen this anime? #anime #cosplaytransition

♬ Rip x Caroline – Kuya Magik 🪄



For a second i thought my magic transition fans weren’t working 🙈 thank goodness they did! 😜 #cosplaytransition #cosplaygirl

♬ Daisy 2.0 (feat. Hatsune Miku) – Ashnikko



Pika PIKACHU ❤️😍 hehe #cosplaygirl #pikachucosplay #gamergirl #anime

♬ original sound – Netflix Geeked – Netflix Geeked


My outfits inspired by Barbie! Which outfit was your favourite? Hehe can you tell i love PINK? ❤️ this trend was so much fun #cosplaygirl #barbieoutfits #cosplaytransition

♬ Hi Barbie Hi Ken Barbie Movie Only In Theaters – Barbie Movie


Replying to @thatzachallen He will never be bored again! 🙈#cosplaygirl #cosplaytransition #gamergirl

♬ Chill Like That – Sunday Scaries & PiCKUPLiNES

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