Nintendo Switch Online Gets Star Fox 2, Kirby Super Star, and More in December

More Nintendo Classics Head to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo revealed on Wednesday that six more classic Nintendo games will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online on December 12th. Among the upcoming additions are Star Fox 2, Kirby Super Star, and Breath of Fire II.

Switch Online

Here’s the full list of games subscribers will get to play later this month:

Super NES

  • Star Fox 2
  • Super Punch-Out!!
  • Kirby Super Star
  • Breath of Fire II


  • Journey to Silius
  • Crystalis

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What do you think of this month’s picks for Nintendo Switch Online games? Which classic game are you excited the most about to play on your Switch? Were there other SNES & NES games that should’ve been picked instead or are you fine with this month’s picks? Which classic Nintendo games should be selected next month?

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