Nintendo Switch Online: 5 Reasons Why You Should Jump In

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Nintendo Switch Online a Chance

Nintendo has always been the company at the forefront of innovation in video game entertainment. While it might not always put out the most technically powerful console on the market, this notion of power over substance is often quelled with just how exemplary and fun an experience can be in their hands. Whether having a screen on your controller, motion controls, or a plethora of other ideas to make the game more immersive, Nintendo has always been there to bring us something new at the expense of certain staples we have come to expect in the gaming world. Not true anymore with the advent of their new service: Nintendo Switch Online. While this clearly isn’t the first time Nintendo has offered online content, this new subscription service is a clear and powerful step forward in the right direction. You may think this is just another cash grab but what the long-standing king of classic gaming has here is the same thing they have had in mind all along: bringing something new and fun to the audience. Here are five reasons you should give Nintendo Switch Online a chance.

5. Online Multiplayer

While it seems like a no brainer that this would be included, Nintendo has been a little late to the party in offering a strong online multiplayer component. Now granted there are still some very popular games on the Switch that don’t require the NSO pass to access their multiplayer like Fortnite or Warframe, but this very simple step forward in the same direction as Nintendo’s competitors means you’ll be able to play with your friends across the world. Gaming is a medium ultimately about having fun together and finally having that option brought to the hybrid console ought to make you smile. Imagine being able to play Mario Kart or Mario Party with your friend halfway across the world, it just sounds like a truly happy time.

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4. Offers, Deals, Promos, and Swag

Nintendo wanted to make sure you realize just how great of a deal they were offering, and since the Nintendo Switch Online service began there have been a number of fantastic deals and special privileges offered to those who signed up. While those who subscribe to PS+ and Xbox Live certainly get deals on digital purchases, Nintendo has gone further and offered a number of exclusive opportunities. With everything from special in-game items for Splatoon 2, free copies of games like Tetris 99, and yes deals on purchasing upcoming games online, Nintendo has set a precedent for offering all manner of goodies in the future. It’s also worth noting that Nintendo released NES and SNES controllers compatible with the Switch to be used with the NES and SNES libraries, and that these special controllers were only available for preorder if you had a Nintendo Switch Online account. Nintendo has been known to not produce quite enough of their merchandise to meet demands over the years so this extra chance to get your hands on the new controllers is a heck of a bonus.

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3. Classic Libraries

That does of course lead us into the next entry: the classic NES and SNES libraries. Gamers love to relive the old days and share their experiences from childhood with one another. The Switch does have an incredibly extensive library of games available for purchase on the eShop, however signing up to Nintendo Switch Online gives you immediate – and free – access to their NES and SNES libraries of games. This is a new service that has been slowly building with more and more games added over time from the massive roster of games released in the 80s and 90s, but the fact that any and all of these games are a simple click away without additional purchase is icing on the cake. While the competitors may have the option to purchase titles from their backlog of their respective games, Nintendo is offering it right in front of you. Provided they continue to add games to this feature, this alone is worth the price of admission.

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