Nintendo Switch Online: 5 Reasons Why You Should Jump In

2. Look up in the Sky! It’s a Cloud!

Another entry that might feel a little like Nintendo has shown up late to the party, Nintendo Switch Online features cloud saves. Even with the option to add additional physical memory to the Switch, there are far too many amazing games to fit them all onto your console and that is where cloud saves come in. Those who sign up for the service can feel safe knowing their hard work is protected and you can even transfer your information to another Nintendo Switch console should something terrible happen to the original. It is worth noting that this feature will not be compatible with all online games as Nintendo wanted to make sure players would not be using cloud saves to cheat the system for item trading and competitive ranking. Still, having that safety net is incredibly important.

The end of consoles

1. Affordability

We as consumers are always concerned with getting the best bang for our buck, whether its making sure the latest AAA title is up to snuff before dropping $60, expecting to get the full game upon purchase and not be bogged down with DLC content, and of course wanting to know that the services we pay for are well worth our investment of time and money. While the other big consoles are charging a decent chunk of change for their yearly subscription, Nintendo is offering all of this for a fraction of the cost. They understand their target demographic is kids who don’t have a steady income, and so pricing this feature at $19.99 a year is barely a dent in those delicious gold coins. It’s a feasible and realistic price to have players invested, and this is what ties the package up into a neat little bow. 

Nintendo Switch Online Service

There you have it, five reasons you should get Nintendo Switch Online. Have you been on the fence about signing up? Have you already been using the service? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.