American Congressman Found Guilty of Spending Thousands of Campaign Dollars on Video Games

 Duncan D. Hunter is the Ultimate Gamer

Congressman Duncan D. Hunter has pled guilty to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars that was intended for his reelection campaign. Hunter used the money for many different things. However, most bizarre was the amount of money he spent on video games. According to sources, he had spent over $1000 on Steam alone.

Duncan Hunter

The money that was stolen was taken gradually over time. The $150,000 that went missing and into Hunters pocket disappeared between 2012 and 2016. It was in 2016 that someone caught wind to what was going on and the gig was up. Hunter’s wife was also an accomplice in the theft. Originally she claimed to know nothing of what happened to the missing money, but upon further questioning confessed her guilt.

Corruption in politics is nothing new, but it is not every day that a Congressman takes taxpayers dollars and uses some of that to fund a video game habit. The Hunter’s said that they turned to stealing after their finances took a bad turn. Both of them had managed to wrack up almost $40,000 in credit card debt. However, this excuse seems very unlikely due to what they were buying with that money. Not only were luxury items like games being bought, but family vacations and expensive clothes as well. This is much more likely a case of naked greed.

There is still a ways to go in the court hearing. But it is not looking good for the Hunter’s. Duncan has pled guilty and will soon be awaiting some form of punishment. What that is exactly is yet to be known. This case has been going on for years and it has not stopped Duncan from still serving in Congress. Even now he is not sure if he will resign.