Control’s First Expansion Will Launch This Month

The Foundation is Only a Few Days Away

Control will be rolling out its first DLC later this month. Control released last year and has seen moderate success considering the game took a fair amount of risks in the process. The game is certainly original and does not really rip off or recycle anything that has come before it. Something that has become increasingly uncommon in video games and entertainment.

The Foundation is going to be one of two expansions that Control is supposed to receive in 2020. Epic Game recently bought the rights to the game on PC and since then information about its future has been very quiet. We have not heard all that much about what lies ahead.

The teaser that was shown off on Twitter earlier today does not give us much, but it does allude to the character Marshall. Without giving too much away to those who have not played the game, Marshall is head of operations at the Federal Bureau of Control. She serves as a bit of an authority figure in the game.

It is not every day that a game with a fresh and original setting is released. If you have been craving a game that brings something new to the table, then perhaps Control is for you. The gameplay itself is fairly straightforward and easy to get a hold of too. It is able to offer both a compelling story as well as tight controls without committing to hard one way.

The Foundation should be a good metric to judge whether or not future DLC will be worth buying. Control does have a good reputation at the moment and it would be a shame for them to drop the ball.

Get your hands on The Foundation March 26th.