Xbox Might Not Be Done Acquisitions

Phil Spencer Says Xbox Isn’t Done Buying Studios After All

During a recent interview with Eurogamer at XO19 in London, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer let everyone know the company still isn’t done their studio spending spree. Despite the event including world premiere’s of several exclusives from some of the studios they’ve acquired, such as Ninja Theory and Obsidian Entertainment, Phil Spencer assured gamers that the company isn’t done buying studios. There are currently 15 studios under the Xbox Game Studios banner. The titles unveiled at XO19 will be available through Game Pass Ultimate on release.

Xbox Phil Spencer

“I do think we can sometimes get a little infatuated with putting a bunch of studio logos on a slide and that becomes the news. They’re not trading cards. They’re studios. And we want them to build great games,” said Phil Spencer. “I love the fact we’re here (at XO19) announcing three new IP, two from our internal studios. As I look forward, there’s not a show I can look at where we’re not gonna be announcing new games, just because of the breadth of studios we have.” It’s clear that Xbox is making up for the lack of exclusives earlier in the Xbox One’s lifespan towards the end of it.

“It’s not really some kind of PR battle about how many new acquisitions we can put on stage. Because if we’re not building great games, the acquisitions don’t matter. But are we done? I don’t think so.” It’s refreshing that Phil Spencer takes the acquisitions seriously, evident in having Obsidian continue working on Grounded rather than forcing a new project on them. We hope that this mature attitude in acquiring new studios but letting their passion shine through continues with the other studios Xbox is looking at.

What’s your favorite Xbox exclusive that was unveiled at XO19? Can you think of any studios that would be a great fit for Xbox Game Studios? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Eurogamer