2K Games Social Media Accounts Compromised, Posts Unsavory Messages

Maybe Change Your Password

If you follow 2K Games or any of their partners on social media, you may have seen some shocking posts from them last night. As a big Borderlands fans, you can bet your ol’ pal Zane did. Apparently, a bunch of accounts were compromised all at once and posted some pretty bad things. The 2K social media accounts that seem to be affected include the Borderlands 3 Facebook page and Twitter account, NBA 2K’s Ronnie 2K Twitter Account, and the main 2K Facebook page. The Sid Meier’s Civilization Twitter account had to be the messenger that the problem was being dealt with.

2K Social Media

The unauthorized messages ranged from linking different Discords and Twitter accounts (likely to be distractions and misdirections) to much worse things that won’t be repeated here. The hackers that took to the Borderlands 3 account decided to talk about boners, which obviously did not come from 2K, but did not quite seem out of place considering the nature of the game. As of right now, all accounts have returned to the rightful administrators and have posted apologies for the unsavory words from the social media accounts.

Last weekend, a bunch of EA social media accounts had also been hacked to protest the banning of a FIFA player. Though these incidents are isolated and appear to have different motives, it is obvious that the security of big publishers should be a concern.

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Source: Twitter