Obsidian Working on Fantasy RPG, Avowed

Obsidian Entertainment Working on a Fantasy RPG

Since making one of the best Fallout titles of all time, Obsidian Entertainment went to work on The Outer Worlds and now it looks like they’re trying their hands at a Elder Scrolls style title next. The Skyrim-like title was revealed recently during the Xbox game showcase and it’s known as Avowed. Avowed takes place in the same world of Pillars of Eternity, Eora, but it gives gamers a new perspective on the setting. Just like all the other games that were part of the game showcase, Avowed will be releasing on Game Pass, but it has no release date as of now and it seems a long way off. Avowed is currently just expected to release for the Xbox Series X and PC.


Obsidian Entertainment came prepared to the Xbox game showcase, showing off the upcoming Grounded, new DLC for The Outer Worlds and their new fantasy RPG, Avowed. Avowed is Obsidian’s third game since joining the Xbox Game Studios, following The Outer Worlds and Grounded. Although it takes place in Eora, Avowed trades Pillars of Eternity’s isometric perspective for first-person gameplay. The trailer for Avowed reveals swordplay and spellcasting, but because of the inclusion of rangers, it’s likely archery will be part of the fantasy RPG as well.

Avowed was originally listed for release on Xbox One in addition to the Xbox Series X and PC but it has since been altered to only include the next-gen console. Xbox games marketing manager Aaron Greenberg recently tweeted that individual studios would ultimately determine whether to launch on Xbox One, but he declined to specifically mention Avowed. With no release date in site for the fantasy RPG, it’s likely that Obsidian Entertainment fans will need to wait a while for their take on The Elder Scrolls.

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