Ninja Isn’t Impressed With Fortnite Chapter 2

Epic Games Lost Their Way According to Ninja

During a recent live stream, Ninja discussed his feelings about Fortnite Chapter 2 openly, saying Epic Games lost their way. Apparently he’s in contact with people at Epic Games discussing the quality of the recent changes but they have yet to fix the disconnect as of now according to Ninja. While on the stream, Ninja has also praised the events such as the Travis Scott concert and the Star Wars trailer and skins but says his issue is with the gameplay. Fortnite Chapter Two Season 2 is available for mobile, Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch right now.

Fortnite Ninja

“You know. I’m going to be honest, I talked to the guys [at Epic]. I don’t know what’s going on but I know more than others: Epic lost their way, they got lost. They lost the communication, they lost the community. They just got lost,” said Ninja. “Along the way there was just this f***ing massive disconnect. Something was dropped, and it was never picked up. I’m not saying it’s particularly a bad state, but that’s why Fortnite is in the state it’s in. Updates, patch notes, everything.” We wonder if the massive disconnect was the black hole event that kicked off Chapter Two of Season One that made the game unplayable for 48 hours.

“We’re getting cool s**t, we had Star Wars, a Star Wars trailer, the Travis Scott event was one of the coolest things ever been seen in gaming history,” said Ninja. “Not gameplay… The amazing things that Fortnite can do have split from the gameplay.” Considering his praise for the recent events in Fortnite, we can naturally assume that he’s looking forward to the upcoming Christopher Nolan in-game movie as well.

Do you agree with Ninja about Fortnite Chapter 2 or do you think something else happened along the way? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Game Rant