Heal the World With Fortnite Red Cross

Fortnite Red Cross Mode Makes Saving People Fun

The Red Cross has teamed up with Epic Games‘ Fortnite to launch a mode that focuses on healing civilians, de-mining war zones and repairing destroyed infrastructure. This mode will spread awareness about all of the great work the charity does worldwide in efforts to repair parts of the world that we break. The international aid group hopes to reach a new audience with the new mode considering the mass appeal of Fortnite and the audience of over 200 million gamers. Gamers will be able to start saving lives in the new Red Cross mode in Fortnite on mobile, PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch now.

Fortnite Red Cross

Gamers will be able to accomplish things in Fortnite that the Red Cross has been doing in over 100 countries through the years such as finding and utilizing supplies to save lives and rebuilding damaged schools. The Red Cross organization hopes to spread awareness, but we hope the new mode also helps them with funding and volunteers throughout the 2020’s. Fortnite has been a great way for brands such as the NBA and Star Wars to spread awareness of their brands but the Red Cross is an organization that Fortnite can save the world with as their name entails.

The new game mode debuted at Pax South in Texas where Australian e-sports player Lachlan Power was part of the unveil.”We’re hoping for people to have an understanding of the type of work that [the International Committee of the Red Cross] does,” said Australia’s head of mission Leonard Blazeby. The mode was initially driven by Red Cross workers in Switzerland and Thailand but the organization as a whole is enthusiastic about how it turned out and the focus on repairing rather than destructing.

Are you excited to try the new Fortnite Red Cross mode? What’s another charity that Fortnite could help by spreading awareness? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Daily Mail