Fortnite’s John Wick Game Mode Is Back Again for a Short Time

Wick’s Bounty Has Arrived Once Again in Fortnite for a Limited Time

Earlier this year, back in May, John Wick arrived to Fortnite for the very first time and is still regarded as one of the best crossover events to date. Now, while Winterfest is in full swing Epic Games has announced that Wick’s Bounty is back again for a limited time right now.

Fortnite John Wick

That’s right, John Wick is officially back in Fortnite, at least for a little while, and as such you can grab the event related gear from the item shop right now or take a chance at a game or two of Wick’s Bounty. Epic Games made the announcement earlier today and just when you thought the holiday season was beginning to wrap up! You can check out the official reveal on Twitter below.

Now if you’re not quite sure what you’re signing up for before diving into the game mode it’s essentially about eliminating opponents and collecting tokens to see who can earn the winning number of tokens first. You can check out the exact details, assuming the rules haven’t changed since the last time Wick’s Bounty arrived in Fortnite, below.

Wick’s Bounty

  • Limited respawning: Each player has three lives.
  • The more tokens a player is carrying, the more visible on the map they will be when moving or shooting.
  • The top 3 token leaders will have their location shown on the map & compass at all times

Although the game mode’s announcement didn’t come with an end date attached it’s safe to assume that Wick’s Bounty will come to a close before the end of Winterfest, which continues until January 2nd. Are you excited to dive into some John Wick action during the holidays? Let us know your thoughts about the game mode in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!