The Cyberpunk 2077 Demo At E3 Will Be Made Public At Pax West

Better Late Than Never

E3 was big for Cyberpunk 2077 this year. There was a fantastic new trailer that showed off what some of the missions might be like in the game. It highlighted how seedy and unforgiving the 2077 universe is. But most importantly we got to see Keanu Reaves appear at the end of the game trailer and then run out on stage. Life doesn’t get better than that.


Despite all these cool things CD Projekt Red was showing us, we were still not seeing any gameplay. There was Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay at E3. It was just behind closed doors. Only a select few gaming journalists and influencers were allowed to see the gameplay demo. This left the rest of the peasants to only guess and speculate what the game was like.

However, as disappointing as that was, the future is bright. CD Projekt Red is making that VIP gameplay public at Pax West this year. The news was broken by CD Projekt Red community lead Marcin Momot via Twitter. “It’s going to happen at exactly PAX West,” the tweet read. This year’s Pax West is going to run from August 30th to September 2nd. So it is not too far away.

The first gameplay demo was released nine months ago at the time of writing this. This 45-minute extravaganza was absolutely breathtaking when it came out. It still is impressive to look at now. If the new gameplay sample is anything like the previous one, then it will surely turn heads.

Apparently, this demo is meant to show off what you will be able to actually do in Night City. It is meant to make Cyberpunk 2077 feel more like a tangible game. And yes Keanu Reaves will be there too.  Get the countdown to August 30th started.