Ubisoft Is Selling The Division 2 and It’s DLC for Dirt Cheap

Deals Are Hard to Come by Nowadays

Ubisoft is now selling The Division 2 at 85% off. If you have ever wanted to try the series out, now is your chance. There is no telling how long this very charitable offer is going to last for. Make sure to cash in on this great deal while you still can.

Division 2

This deal might be a great thing for fans, but it does not reflect all that well on Ubisoft. The Division 2 released a little under a year ago in February 2019. To put one of your bigger games 85% off only a year after it dropped is not a good sign. The game itself met some less than stellar reviews and the fanbase had a mixed reaction.

Recently Ubisoft has had to begrudgingly admit that its games like The Division and Ghost Recon both feel very similar to one another. They have since promised to change some things around and make sure that each game has its own unique playstyle. What that is going to exactly look like is still unknown, but it is not every day a triple-A developer is so candid about its own mistakes.

The Division 2 has sold very well but it did not manage to really captivate the audience for very long. Today there really isn’t much in the way of community and the very low price tag would signify that. The future of The Division franchise is murky at the moment, but don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

You can buy The Division 2 on the Ubisoft Store if you are interested in this sale. If you are not familiar with how their online store works, it is quite simple. Like most other online retailers, you just have to make a quick account and you’re ready to go.