Epic Games Store Made $680 million in its First Year

The Epic Games Store is Off to a Great Start

According to Epic, the Epic Games Store has accumulated 108 million players who have contributed $680 million in revenue in its first year. Approximately $251 million came from third-party games, which means first-party titles like Fortnite brought in the most revenue for the company. There are only about 90 million gamers who use Steam so the Epic Games Store has already surpassed them in player base, which is also contributable to their first-party titles and timed exclusives. PC gamers can download the Epic Games Store and have access to Epic’s library now.

Epic Games store

Alongside their revenue announcement, Epic announced the top sellers on the platform of their introductory year. Borderlands 3, Control, Metro Exodus, World War Z, Untitled Goose Game, The Outer Worlds, The Division 2, Dauntless, and Satisfactory. Some of these titles had exclusivity deals on the platforms such as World War Z and Borderlands 3 so that likely helped drive sales on the Epic Games Store. The titles weren’t officially ranked by Epic and it’s likely that Fortnite would be among the titles if first-party games were included in these metrics.

The platform has driven downloads of titles every month by releasing weekly free games which have been downloaded around 200 million times. Epic also showed off their upcoming platform exclusives like Predator Hunting Grounds, Godfall and Auto Chess. There have been a total of 73 free games on the platform since it launched and the average rank between the titles is 80% and it equates to $1,455 if a gamer was able to download every title.Even though the PC community was resistant to the platform at first, it seems like many of them have taken a liking to it.

Are you someone who contributed to the Epic Games Store’s revenue in its first year? What title have you enjoyed on the platform the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: wccftech