Razer Manufactures Surgical Masks for People in Need

Razer Has Changed Their Manufacturing During the Pandemic

Razer is a company known for making quality PC gaming accessories but now they’ve changed their manufacturing to focus on surgical masks. The company has stepped up to fill a shortage in masks from the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. According to the CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan, the company intends to donate one million masks to health authorities around the world. Razer offices around the world are reaching out to governments and health officials to help get them the masks they need. The company will also be putting extra resources, time and talent to help quell the outbreak affecting the world today.


“We intend to donate up to 1M masks to the health authorities of different countries globally. For starters, we’ve been in touch with the authorities in Singapore (where the @Razer SEA HQ is based) to donate some of the initial shipments to assist their fight against COVID-19,” said Min-Liang Tan. “The rest of our Razer global/regional offices will also be reaching out to their respective governments/health authorities to see how we can prioritize our support and donations of surgical masks in the various countries and regions where we have a presence.” With more resources and equipment going towards health officials who are combating the virus, we hope to see a quick end to the pandemic.

While Razer has been rebounding in sales of their PC accessories according to recent financial earnings reports, this is a step away from what they’re used to manufacturing. We hope to see this good will from the accessory company turn into more potential growth for them and the PC market as a whole. It’s possible that this is just the beginning of companies switching their resources to helping combat COVID-19 and we’re happy to see in what ways the virus brings us together.

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Source: Game Rant