New Overwatch Hero Echo Announced

Echo is an Overwatch Hero That Duplicates Enemies

Blizzard recently detailed their upcoming hero for Overwatch known as Echo, who’s ultimate ability allows her to duplicate enemies and use them against the enemy team. Although the duplicates are visually distinct from the originals, she gains access to their abilities for a significant amount of time. Her offensive abilities include tri-shots, sticky bombs and a focusing beam which deals more damage to heroes that are low on health. Overwatch is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC and the Nintendo Switch while Echo just recently joined the PTR.

Overwatch Echo

“If the enemy team has a Reinhardt and I’m Echo, I can use my ultimate ability on Reinhardt, and then for a pretty significant period of time I get to play as Reinhardt also on the battlefield,” said Jeff Kaplan. “And in addition to that, my ult generation as Reinhardt during that timeframe is extremely accelerated, to the point where with some characters, Tracer for example, we’ve seen it with Roadhog and Echo in the form of those characters can actually get off multiple ultimate abilities.” It’ll be interesting to see how this changes team dynamics as Echo switches heroes on the fly with her ultimate ability.

In the lore of Overwatch, Echo was in cold storage until she was unintentionally freed when a train was disrupted as it transported her from one facility to another. The Deadlock Gang nearly hijacked the train when McCree showed up to make the save and recruit her to Overwatch. There’s no word on when Echo will be releasing to the live servers but PC Overwatch fans can try her out on the PTR now. “I know it all sounds crazy, if it’s too crazy we will balance it back further than it is, but it is an extremely fun thing,” said Jeff Kaplan.

Will you be trying out Echo on the Overwatch PTR or do you have to wait for her to join live servers? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PC Gamer