Apex and Overwatch Communities Want to Help Australia

Apex and Overwatch Communities Implore Devs to Make Australia Charity Skins

The Apex Legends and Overwatch communities are coming together to recommend Respawn and Blizzard to make charity skins that they can purchase to help fight the Australian wildfires. With many other organizations chipping in to help the devastating wildfires, gamers such as WippitGuud  on the Overwatch Subreddit and Catnonymous on the Apex Legends subreddit thought of ways their communities can participate while celebrating their favorite games. The Pink Mercy skin went on to raise $12.7 million dollars for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and these gamers hope to raise such numbers to help combat the Australian wildfires.

Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin

“Hey Blizzard, any chance of whipping up a couple of firefighter skins for Junkrat and Roadhog to raise money for the Aussie wildfires?” said WippitGuud on the Overwatch subreddit to spark the initial conversation. “You did it with Mercy for breast cancer research, and it was a great success. Even Junkrat would get on board with this: he wants to blow things up, not burn the world down.” The idea has since taken off, not only on the subreddit but on the Overwatch forums as well. With the story of why Overwatch was formed and the voices of their community, we think that it’s a great idea for Blizzard to roll with.

Although the Apex Legends subreddit post created by Catnonymous hasn’t gained as much traction, we’re enthused that the idea is spreading to other games. The headline read “Wonder if Respawn would be up for this. Shoutout to u/WippitGuud for the idea,” and it’s a screen cap of the original post. Between both subreddit posts and the Overwatch forum post, there are a total of 66k upvotes and 2,004 comments which are a lot of gamers who are asking to help in some meaningful way.

Would you buy a cosmetic item, bundle, etc. to help the Australian wildifres? What other communities could implement this idea? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Dualshockers