Overwatch PTR Server Gets a New Hero

Overwatch’s Game Director Talks New Character Sigma on the PTR

Sigma joins the Overwatch PTR with his primary ability being a barrier similar to that of Reinhardt and Orissa. His “Experimental Barrier” can be used in new fun and innovative ways. His main attack is called “Hyperspheres” and it’s a two-round burst gravity manipulating projectile that acts as a small Zarya ultimate that explodes. He’ll also have the ability “Kinetic Grasp” which absorbs projectiles to add to his shield, gaining up to an intimidating 800 health. “Accretion” is Sigma’s ability to knock back his foes with a boulder he rips from the Earth and hurls at them using his gravity manipulation.

Sigma joins PTR

Sigma joins the PTR with the ultimate gravity manipulating ability, launching a black hole that slams the enemy team into the ground. Jeff Kaplan calls this ultimate ability the “Gravitic Flux” and it’s like an overpowered Zarya ultimate that lifts you up and throws you back down. Sigma was doing research on black holes before an experiment goes terribly wrong. Shortly afterwards, Talon saves Sigma from containment in a government facility where he’s being researched. Talon saved subject Sigma from torture but uses his powers for their needs. Jeff Kaplan suggests this tank’s primary use will be getting through choke points so if your team is getting bottle necked and nobody is playing Sigma, we suggest switching characters.

Tank mains on PC should make sure to play ASAP because Sigma has already joined the PTR. For console players, Sigma will join the roster very soon after some balancing on the PTR. Honestly, we could tell he was a tank before Blizzard confirmed it, just look at those shoulders!

So when do you want to see Sigma on console? Are you already bending time and space as Sigma on the PTR? Let us know in the comments below!