Overwatch Experimental Mode Brings New Team Composition

Overwatch Experimental Mode Launches Alongside Mardi Gras Event

Overwatch experimental mode is letting players test massive changes to Overwatch’s current gameplay structure. The mode, which launched today, is currently testing the viability of team composition that differs from the established 2-2-2.
Overwatch Hero Bans

Blizzard introduced a role queue system in Overwatch last year that forced teams to be made up of two support characters, two damage characters, and two tanks.Players choose which role they want to play before they enter a match. The change was made to counteract the GOATS meta, which dominated competitive and casual play for a long time.

Wait times for damage players are much longer than the waits for support and task players. Experimental mode is allowing for three damage characters, two support, and one tank to try and alleviate that issue. Some tank heroes in Overwatch experimental mode have their skill sets altered to make them a more viable solo tank option. For example, Roadhog’s self-heal ability now has an AoE healing effect to help allies recover as well.

The changes in this mode are not necessarily going to be implemented on a permanent basis. The purpose of the mode is to playtest the changes on a massive scale and get feedback from the community.

The update also added Ashe’s Mardi Gras Challenge. Players can collect Mardi Gras themed sprays, icons, and an Ashe skin, simply by winning matches in any mode between February 25 and March 9.

Source: YouTube